Is there such a thing as a pore minimising face toner?

So if you are wondering what I am on about here, then you probably don’t have big enough pores to find it an issue. Now most of us girlies use some kind of toner, and a lot of us also have pores that we would like to reduce. Well, it turns out there are products out there that can be used as toners and also minimise pores, it’s true ladies!


If you want to know more about toners in general, then I really recommend this article which covers it perfectly. It’s amazing how skincare is developing at the moment and with dual capabilities, this new way of tackling two problems at once, or should I say, killing two birds with one stone, is incredibly welcome to the community. Here is an example of a face toner that does exactly that. I hope you have found this article very informative, and remember girls, we can reduce our pores while we tone away! Perhaps an idea for a Christmas present which is only around the corner.