How a new beard can affect your health and lifestyle

Hey everyone. This is Coke Spotlight and we are now finally underway. As I mentioned before, this space will be used to look into specifically diet, health and lifestyle.

In today’s post I will be focusing more on the health and lifestyle side of things. The subject I want to discuss has been on my mind for quite a while now, and it is only now that I’ve found the time and the right medium to articulate myself.

Not long ago I was thinking about growing a beard. I’ve harboured a dream of doing this, ever since I first started sprouting hair on my face and neck. Unfortunately for me, my professional life got in the way, but a change in my career path has recently opened up the door of growing a beard.

When I finally came to realise that I could do this, I became fascinated with the idea and started researching how best to grow it out, and what products would help me in this endeavour.

healthy beard

During my online research I quickly came to realise that growing a beard also has many positive health implications too. Socially, it has been scientifically proven that they make you more attractive to the opposite sex. Not only that, but they also help fight off harmful bacteria, and obviously keep you warmer during the winter months.

After taking all this information in, I decided that it was definitely high time I started myself on my beard adventure. I through away my razor, and went browsing online for a new set of products. I found some really great stuff, that I have since purchased, and am still using religiously today, in particular this beard oil. I cannot recommend it more highly – it makes my beard feel awesome!

Anyway folks, there you have it. Who would have thought that beards could have such a positive healthy impact on your life. One to keep in mind!