Coca-Cola in the spotlight

One of the many things I used to enjoy in blissful ignorance in my youth was an ice cold can of coca cola. Even well into my young adulthood I was still quite partial to this form of refreshment because alcohol simply didn’t agree with my disposition. However some time ago I was put in a somewhat precarious position. I found out about a multitude of things that Coke as a company has been guilty of doing over the years. Now I’ve always been somewhat aware that Coke isn’t good for me despite how refreshing it is but the real negative effects that they have on the environment have made me somewhat guilty of enjoying their products.

As a means of dealing with my guilt and in a way understanding whether or not I can still enjoy a can of coke without having a stomachache immediately afterwards.

First let’s go over the realistic and more immediate reason for taking a look at Coke and that is the health risks that Coke brings to the table. First of all I was extremely concerned about the articles I saw describing Coke as being only one step above battery acid on the ph scale and with that I was so concerned I nearly stopped searching for anything else and would have given up Coke altogether right then and there. But then I kept digging thinking to my self how bad that was in actuality. Coca Cola registers at roughly 2.5 on the ph scale and battery acid registers at 1 on that same scale. That sounds pretty bad right? But lemon juice registers at 2 and orange juice registers at 3 saying it’s 1 step up from battery acid is a scary way of putting it but realistically that’s all it is a way to scare people. Now that I think of that way I still know it’s not good for me but it’s not so bad that I need to swear off of the stuff.

At that point I basically found a lot of more about the “negative” effects of Coca-cola that could immediately upon some research be seen as exaggerated or worded in such a way that would scare you away from the product. By no means do I say Coke is bad for you but we knew that already at least now I know exactly how bad it is for me and I’m still willing to take that risk.

As for all the negative environmental effects Coca Cola has it doesn’t go very far from the level you might expect from a company as big and as prolific in so many countries. All of their drastic mistakes happened more than a decade ago by now and they’ve been mostly made up for by the company. Now unless something drastic ever takes place to change these things I can now happily enjoy my ice cold refreshment at any given occasion.