5 things women should know about shampooing hair

Washing your hair is one of the important things a woman does. Honestly great looking makeup and an amazing full ensemble of your best clothes can be torn down by horrible looking unhealthy hair. In the same way that a girl could have literally little or no makeup on, be wearing an actual clown costume complete with giant boots but still look amazing as the wind blows her long perfect hair (not necessarily saying long is better but come on ladies she’s going to need some killer hair to redeem the clown outfit). So it’s always important to take good care of your hair. Not everybody actually knows the right things to do in that regard however. Now if you look at our list and already knew everything then good for you keep working that fantastic look we know you’re rocking. We encourage you all to look over the list though because there may be one or two things you didn’t know or were taught the complete opposite of. Better safe than sorry. 

#1 Only shampoo thoroughly wet hair 

Again if you already knew this then good for you but there are actually people out there who don’t know this fact. So we’ll say it again, soak that hair before shampooing it. Concentrate on the scalp when it comes to shampoo and DO NOT use your nails. Some doctors say that you should avoid circular motions because those can cause tangles in your hair. 

#2 Conditioner beforehand 

Now don’t go crazy with this one just put a little conditioner before you shampoo your hair. So this step is done after you soak it and before you shampoo it. The idea is that the conditioner will protect the ends from drying out. Also this is only for women with longer hair. 


Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair


#3 Skipping shampoo 

There isn’t a hard and fast rule but a lot of people seem to be under the impression that you should shampoo every day. Not the case. You should shampoo whenever you hair feels too oily. If you shampoo daily then the hair gets stripped of all its essential oils and dries out quicker throughout the day. If you’re still sitting there wondering how often you should shampoo here’s a suggestion 2-3 days without shampoo for straight hair and about a week without shampoo for the curlier hairs out there (remember to adjust as necessary though if it’s too oily or too dry since everybody’s body is different). Also, if you have blonde or grey hair, it’s important to pick the correct shampoo! I know Purple shampoo works great on blondes so please give that a go first!

#4 Hot shower sparingly 

You actually shouldn’t always use hot water to shower with. It may feel amazing to have nice relaxing hot shower but it’s actually pretty bad for your hair because it leads to dryness and stiffer hair overall. If you really can’t resist the hot shower try taking the temperature to just a nice low warm level and right before hopping out of the shower rinse of with some cold water to close you pores and follicles back up. 

#5 Conditioning takes time 

This is advice given assuming you already use conditioner. If you’re applying conditioner properly then rinsing it off immediately after then you’ve literally done close to nothing to help your hair. Leave the conditioner in the hair for at least 5 minutes so it can work its scientific magic on repairing your hair and revitalizing it. Shampoo is mostly to get things clean so it’s alright to rinse off almost immediately but conditioner is there to rebuild and help the hair recover from damage so just give 5 minutes preferably 7 minutes is perfect but 5 works just fine.