So… Makeup Myths

There are a few misconceptions around skincare that have been going around for a long time. Some of these myths have been around for longer than anyone can really trace back and to some degree they sound like they make perfect sense but if you look a little closer the truth starts to come out in the details. Now the one we’re going to be discussing is only one of many that are going around and I’m sure there are ones that I’ve never even heard about but how am I supposed to talk about something I’ve never heard of? I think I’m starting to ramble a little bit so why don’t we just go straight to the actual myths now.

Eye Gel and Eye Cream are the same thing

Absolutely not. No. Just no. Okay So I understand that maybe they do the same thing and they’re used in really similar ways but they aren’t the same thing. I didn’t do a good job of justifying my objection there. Here let me put it another way. Although eye gel and eye cream are indeed similar products in their intended results and their ingredients that does not change the fact that the distinct difference in their viscosity and overall opaqueness means that they both serve very different purposes. Eye gels are better when used for day time use as part of your morning routines because they are clear and absorb much more easily into the skin as compared to eye cream. Eye cream is usually applied in larger more generous amounts in order to soak your skin which is why it’s better applied at night when there are no other makeup products at risk of running on your face. When using something such as the lovely lunar eye gel its purpose is more as part of preparing your skin for the other makeup included in your morning routine. Think of eye gel as Bruce Wayne and Eye Cream is Batman and if that comparison made no sense to you then bottom line Cream is for the night and Gel is for the day time.