New Beard Part 2.

Hey again folks. I enjoyed writing the first post about my beard so much that I’ve decided to write an extended second part.

Towards the end of the post I mentioned how having my new facial hair has led me to pursue the use of various different grooming products. I mentioned the fact that beard oil was my favourite.

However, since then I’ve come across a product that trumps that! One that I think would also make an incredible gift for Christmas too.

The product itself contains beard oil (that you well know I’m a huge fan of), beard wash, a miniature beard balm, and a small foldable beard comb to boot! How cool is that!

With it’s help perhaps I might look like this come Christmas!

Christmas Beard

I found it at a very reasonable price, and ended up buying two haha! The product comes in really cool, slick packaging, so I thought I’d purchase one for myself, and the other would make a great gift for my best friend who is also growing out his facial hair.

His birthday is coming up, but I think I will save it until Christmas to give it to him as it looks as if it will make the ultimate xmas present. The presentation is great, and it comes in a sturdy box that will be easy to wrap and look very presentable.

The item itself is called a beard grooming kit, and I found it on this website. Both my items were delivered promptly and packaged nicely, straight to my door. What more could I ask for!

The only problem I have now is sorting out Christmas presents for all my non-bearded friends and family. Doing that sort of purchasing proves to be much more tricky! I’ll just have to use my new kit as inspiration and try and get them so other well packaged products in time. Wish me luck!