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The Key to a Healthy Beard

Welcome back once again guys and gals. How was everyone’s festive break? I ate so much cheese!

I’m back today to talk about ‘the key to a healthy beard’! I’ll be discussing the products and steps I believe you need to take to ensure your beard stays at optimum health. I’ll also be busting a few myths along the way like usual!

So to begin – the first thing I wanted to mention (and the first myth I wanted to bust) was about beard growth oil. There are so many of these on the market nowadays, it’s hard to shop on eBay or Amazon without finding one displaying some outrageous claim about growth results.

beard growth results

Let me nip this in the bud (or beard!) right here and now. There is no evidence whatsoever that there is any ingredient or component in these products that aids or speeds the process of facial hair growth. It is all just baloney!

Trust me, I’ve purchased quite a few, and I am yet to find one that works, or even remotely helps. When it comes to growth oil, don’t bother!

A much simpler and more rational regime to adopt is one where on a daily basis you use regular conditioning oil, or better yet, beard balm.

Beard balm usually has so many great ingredients that really nourish and condition the beard. Personally I cannot get enough of the stuff.

My regime usually consists of the following…

Wake up, shower and use beard wash on my facial hair. After coming out, I pat my beard dry. Then I whack out this balm for my beard (my favourite kind) and scoop a small amount out of the tin with my thumbnail. Because I’ve just been in the shower, the skin and hair on my neck and face will still be relatively warm. This helps the balm melt slightly, making it much easier to distribute.

There you have it – my go-to guide for beard grooming. Jot it down or print it off and get to work!

More on it’s way

Just a quick note to say that we have some more content coming your way soon. We will be sticking on the a similar theme to our last two posts – We’ve had a great reaction from them, so we’d like to continue in a similar vein. Please come back soon to see what we’ve been up to!

New Beard Part 2.

Hey again folks. I enjoyed writing the first post about my beard so much that I’ve decided to write an extended second part.

Towards the end of the post I mentioned how having my new facial hair has led me to pursue the use of various different grooming products. I mentioned the fact that beard oil was my favourite.

However, since then I’ve come across a product that trumps that! One that I think would also make an incredible gift for Christmas too.

The product itself contains beard oil (that you well know I’m a huge fan of), beard wash, a miniature beard balm, and a small foldable beard comb to boot! How cool is that!

With it’s help perhaps I might look like this come Christmas!

Christmas Beard

I found it at a very reasonable price, and ended up buying two haha! The product comes in really cool, slick packaging, so I thought I’d purchase one for myself, and the other would make a great gift for my best friend who is also growing out his facial hair.

His birthday is coming up, but I think I will save it until Christmas to give it to him as it looks as if it will make the ultimate xmas present. The presentation is great, and it comes in a sturdy box that will be easy to wrap and look very presentable.

The item itself is called a beard grooming kit, and I found it on this website. Both my items were delivered promptly and packaged nicely, straight to my door. What more could I ask for!

The only problem I have now is sorting out Christmas presents for all my non-bearded friends and family. Doing that sort of purchasing proves to be much more tricky! I’ll just have to use my new kit as inspiration and try and get them so other well packaged products in time. Wish me luck!

Another Revelation up our Sleeve…

We have something very big coming your way…

I’m so excited by the prospect of it that I’m tempted to give the game away and tell you now!

To find out what the hell I’m talking about please come back here tomorrow so you can feast your eyes upon our awesome new post. See you then!

How a new beard can affect your health and lifestyle

Hey everyone. This is Coke Spotlight and we are now finally underway. As I mentioned before, this space will be used to look into specifically diet, health and lifestyle.

In today’s post I will be focusing more on the health and lifestyle side of things. The subject I want to discuss has been on my mind for quite a while now, and it is only now that I’ve found the time and the right medium to articulate myself.

Not long ago I was thinking about growing a beard. I’ve harboured a dream of doing this, ever since I first started sprouting hair on my face and neck. Unfortunately for me, my professional life got in the way, but a change in my career path has recently opened up the door of growing a beard.

When I finally came to realise that I could do this, I became fascinated with the idea and started researching how best to grow it out, and what products would help me in this endeavour.

healthy beard

During my online research I quickly came to realise that growing a beard also has many positive health implications too. Socially, it has been scientifically proven that they make you more attractive to the opposite sex. Not only that, but they also help fight off harmful bacteria, and obviously keep you warmer during the winter months.

After taking all this information in, I decided that it was definitely high time I started myself on my beard adventure. I through away my razor, and went browsing online for a new set of products. I found some really great stuff, that I have since purchased, and am still using religiously today, in particular this beard oil. I cannot recommend it more highly – it makes my beard feel awesome!

Anyway folks, there you have it. Who would have thought that beards could have such a positive healthy impact on your life. One to keep in mind!

Diet, Health and Lifestyle under the microscope

What started with a fascination with the unhealthy effects of Coca-cola (that far too many people still today know nothing about) has slowly morphed into a passion uncovering and falsifying so-called health hacks.

Coke Spotlight is a place where you can come and watch me debunk many of these dieting myths.